Four Things to Consider in Landscaping

Landscape maintenance remains of those tasks which property owners and managers quaver even at its thought.  Even if you can overcome the hesitance, you’re never really sure whether it’s worth the expense. True, potential buyers pay attention to landscaping before buying or renting your property, you might be often left wondering what to consider when going for landscaping.


The fact is that the state of the landscaping and yard maintenance says a lot about your property, there are some tips for maintaining these looks while taking care of the budget as well.

Upgrading landscape for attracting buyers/ tenants

Generally, there are two types of tenants who look for properties that are well cared for and others doesn’t care much and can go with minimal landscaping as they themselves are a little negligent. So even though these two sets of tenants may look similar on a rental application, but you’ll notice the difference once they’re in your property.


Safety should be the priority -always

Overgrown tree limbs can cause a lot of issues such as blocking the visibility of traffic or cause damage to parked cars as they reach out to the street fronting your property. So, if you want to avoid such unnecessary incidents, schedule for tree trimming a couple of times a year.

Of course, trees aren’t the only safety issue on a property. You should, thus, direct your landscape companies’ maintenance crews to pay regular attention to ground light fixtures or broken sprinkler heads or anything which poses the risk of causing tripping hazards. It is required to keep the walkways in good maintenance and can eventually help you avoid the potential lawsuits.


Upgrade your irrigation system

A modern evapo-transpiration irrigation system is a big save on the bucks, specially if you want the water running down the sidewalks and gutters to stop. Evaluate regularly if the water is coming down without check when the sprinkler system is on, then you immediately need to check the system. This is you’re pouring money down the drain (literally). Especially in drought-prone climates, installing this system can create a huge difference, both in terms of ecologically and financially.

Landscape companies have high-tech controllers which allow you to maintain the lawn and plantings while reducing water consumption by as much as 50 percent than what it would take otherwise.


Don’t procrastinate with maintenance problems

It’s not just about creating but maintaining the structure right is a pivotal part of landscaping. So, before you invest, make sure to know about the maintenance features. Keep a schedule to sort everything up to date. It is always wise to clean drains on an ongoing basis than dealing with an emergency flood.

Also, you must stay current with it by adding new wood chips, keeping the soil healthy or by replacing dying plants.

If you are looking for experts who can help you decorate the yard or make both commercial and residential property look unique than the rest, visit RainforestLA at or dial (323) 828 4178.

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