Building Enticing and Inexpensive Pathways

Home is where the heart is – Clichéd, but true!

Well; if your heart beats for the red bricks and pebbled mosaic, then you would not want to settle for less. However, if the costs break your back and your bank account, then you can create a pathway in your landscape with less expensive, yet enticing materials.

Building Enticing and Inexpensive Pathways_rainforestla

Inexpensive Pathways

Pathways are an important element of Los Angeles hardscape. They not only provide structure and appeal to the landscape, but also allow for movement of people and tools without damaging the turfs, shrubs and herbs. So, durability and strength along with appeal is a must.

Here are some materials that boast of all the benefits including cost efficiency, appeal and longevity.

  • Logs of wood can be cut into circular discs and placed on a prepared foundation. It is the perfect choice for a rustic looking landscape.
  • Logs of wood cut into long strips are the perfect choice to create a bridge like pathway over a running stream or over the flower beds and turfs. The corrugated pathway is sturdy and durable.
  • For an urban styled landscape, logs of wood cut into broad stripes offer the appeal and longevity much needed in creating pathways.
  • Inexpensive stones and rocks like flagstones can be placed to create an appealing pathway. They need not be evenly cut or polished. Natural stone is the key to enhanced appeal. So, costs are low, while durability of stone is unbeatable.
  • Stone and rocks placed at the border with gravel filled inside create the perfect walkway with a natural appearance. What’s more, gravel drains well, and is therefore, highly functional.
  • One of the cheapest materials for creating a pathway is clay. Clay soil in the centre with edging of stones is both inexpensive and appealing.

Remember that whatever the material, a strong foundation beneath is essential for longevity. So, DIY is out of the question. Hire experts to install the best pathway in tune with the design of your home and landscape.

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